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Mildred Pierce 4: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!!!
September 7, 2009, 8:44 pm
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HELLO potential contributors! We are hereby putting out the call for submissions of original essays, criticism, comics, interviews, reviews, and other black-n-white ready art-n-writing for print in our forthcoming, umm…fourth issue.

THIS ISSUE HAS A THEME. THAT THEME: Comedy and the Grotesque

We are looking for work which explores the Comic and the Grotesque. This can run the gamut from explorations of standup comedy to explorations of La commedia dell’arte; from treatises on The Big Toe to scatological manifestos to illustrated field guides to Rabelais, Jackass, and/or the Mutter Museum.

Try this on: “Laughter…overcomes fear, for it knows no inhibitions, no limitations. Its idiom is never used by violence and authority.”
–Mikhail Bakhtin, from Rabelais and His World, 90

Agree/ disagree/ agree with reservations/ disagree with concessions…?

We are looking for pieces that explore contemporary and historical instances of grotesque comedy and/or the comedic grotesque as forms of escapism, as cultural exhaust valve and as haven for revolutionary speech and frank social dialogue. We are also looking for explorations of instances when comedy has maintained (perhaps shaped) the status quo and promoted repressive social practice. Of particular interest as well are those instances when reactionary forces from left, center and right have seen these things staring back from some grotesque or comic gesture, and felt the call to sensor or repress the gesture itself. Work which susses out the historical and philosophical complexities inherent in a piece of outrageous ribaldry–that’s what we’re after.

NOT: “Boy, that Andy Kaufman was a real rascal. Those were the wyld gonzo days. Sasha ‘Baron’ the torch, innit?”

BUT: critical analyses that approach humor as a window into the absurd, the grotesque, the surrealist, and the potentially revolutionary
AS WELL AS: analyses which explore (expose?!?!) the limits of humor as revolution
ALSO: when and why comedic sensibilities get tired and burned out
PLUS: art/illustration/fiction/crossgenre/etc which employs humor in a subversive way, or that draws fangs at insipid or ideologically offensive humor;

&&&&& pranksterism, camp, comix, funny fashion, burlesque, gurlesque, shock value, carnival…

& don’t forget FUNNY STUFF!

…and if you have stuff that doesn’t totally fit into this theme it is okay. send it on.

proposal deadline: March 31, 2010
send pitches and questions to