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Prepare for B-K-T
August 31, 2010, 2:57 am
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What is cooking in the Mildred Pierce lab, you might ask? Whither comedy and the grotesque (the theme of our forthcoming issue)? When will the issue come out, And when will Mildred finally address the contemporary gap in Hitler Studies? (also, why am I writing like Peter from Sejayno narrating Cezanno? Has anyone in Baltimore cyberspace written a review of that performance?) We are excited to be putting the finishing touches on so many amazing projects, so don’t sleep. MP4 is coming. Mildred Pierce is excited, for example, to be shining up the rims on a new piece by experimental performance guru and writer John Berndt. What is in store, you might wonder. John’s piece concerns performance, trauma and madness, but that is so the tip of the iceberg.  Below, a video of Klaus Kinsky performing as Jesus, which I went out and found after reading a description in John’s piece.  You.are.not.ready.for.B.K.T…More to come soon, we love ya!

coming alive
August 4, 2010, 2:03 am
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dear folks,

here’s the latest with MP and MP4.

we are HARD / AT / WORK, and scrambling. john’s checked out of baltimore and into nyc, so there is moving hassle to deal with, plus all of his autres projets. i’m finishing up other projects as well, and voraciously starting new ones: check out the new collective blog Montevidayo of which i am a part. but, in the midst, we’re continuing to bring on more talented and amazing people for the fourth issue (including PIPPI ZORNOZA!), and are, yes, getting moving on edits and layout. this one’s gonna be thick.

did we mention that EDIE FAKE is designing our cover? i’ve seen a mock-up; it’s astounding. he’s getting that in shape presently in addition to prepping for an installation over at Archie’s (Chicago) wednesday for the next Queer Social Club (<–you should go!).

in short, we’ve got tricks up our sleeve and a lot else in the works. KIT,


p.s. there were a few MP3s at Printers Ball, any takers? i’ve got maybe five left in chicago – hit me up if you want one.