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Sabrina Chap! a teaser
September 29, 2010, 5:16 pm
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photo by Dave Sanders

In the works for MP4 is an interview with Sabrina Chap, musician, playwright, burlesque performer, writer, editor, all-around dynamo. She edited the anthology Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction (Seven Stories Press, 2008) — I’ve posted her responses to questions about the collection over on Montevidayo in three parts: one, two, and three.

Here’s a short excerpt of our interview about Oompa!, her debut CD (ERT Records, 2010):

I’ve been songwriting for years. Years. This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to say, “Fuck it. I think these songs are good enough. Let me put them down so I can get on with my life.” I’ve had people ask me for CDs ever since I started songwriting. First ten songs I had- people were like “Where’s your CD?” I was like, “They’re my first ten songs. They’re not very good.” (Though I’m not gonna lie: a few of them were pretty good). Still, I was getting people giving me their CDs for free left and right at every coffeehouse I went to, and I’d go home to listen to them and they’d suck. And then I’d throw them away and feel awful, because it was wasteful. In fact, that was why I wasn’t shy about making chapbooks and selling them when I was a spoken word artist. I though, “Fuck it — if someone doesn’t like it, they can just recycle it and I won’t have to be filling landfills.” You can’t recycle bad CDs. I’m really hard on myself, and I didn’t want to put out a bad one.

When I got into the studio with Oompa!, it really was because I was straight up proud of these songs. “Never Been a Bad Girl,” “Idiom,” and “ Little White House”: That’s good songwriting. I’ll argue it in court.

Saving the rest for the print issue — January 2011. And that one is firm.

The Schneiderman
September 20, 2010, 11:04 pm
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Hello! A great piece on Davis Schneiderman, interviewed in MP3 and also on this here blog, in the words of his collaborators (incl. moi) is over at The Kenyon Review, put together by William Walsh. Here’s an excerpt:

Small and wiry, Davis Schneiderman (imho) does not eat enough protein. To illustrate: Schneiderman told me, over drinks with Lidia Yuknavitch and Raymond Federman, that he would simply never eat any part of a baked chicken I offered to prepare for him. However, in the linguistic sense, Schneiderman is a keen appreciator of chicken. (And he) is a wonderfully energetic collaborator.   –Stacey Levine

One of Davis’s favorite words is “asymptotes.” Shrink infinitely toward the nothing. But that’s way too emo mascara-tears. Imagine an anatolian shepherd who’s snatched a pound of ground beef off the counter who, between bites, says, gleefully, bloodily, “Shrink infinitely toward the nothing.” Except Davis is vegan. –Carlos Hernandez

Davis’s new novel Drain is out now on Northwestern University Press.

Allyson Mellberg ‘An Unearthly Child’ Cinders Gallery
September 9, 2010, 1:56 pm
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Allyson Mellberg at Cinders Gallery this Friday

Every time I turn around, I find another personal connection to an artist doing sick, amazing work within the vein of comedy and/or the grotesque, and I kick myself that they are not in the issue of the zine that is coming out. Usually, it bums me out that I am not going to be giving an artist that I love exposure through the zine, but in Allyson’s case, that is not an issue, having just been featured in the most recent issue of  Juxtapoz!

This Friday September 10, 7-10, check out “An Unearthly Child,”  opening at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn.  I would not call Allyson Mellberg’s work a melding of comedy and the grotesque as much as it is pure grotesque, although seeing the comedy in her deformed bodies and post-toxicity humanoids might help you keep your sanity a bit–they are, after all, products of a toxic world not unlike our own. Actually, this most recent work seems to doing some new stuff, in terms of color and playfulness. Nevertheless, her stuff will take you over the edge–with its craft, imaginative flair and heavy, otherworldly dread. Follow the links for some pictures. If you are in New York, come check it out!