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The Schneiderman
September 20, 2010, 11:04 pm
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Hello! A great piece on Davis Schneiderman, interviewed in MP3 and also on this here blog, in the words of his collaborators (incl. moi) is over at The Kenyon Review, put together by William Walsh. Here’s an excerpt:

Small and wiry, Davis Schneiderman (imho) does not eat enough protein. To illustrate: Schneiderman told me, over drinks with Lidia Yuknavitch and Raymond Federman, that he would simply never eat any part of a baked chicken I offered to prepare for him. However, in the linguistic sense, Schneiderman is a keen appreciator of chicken. (And he) is a wonderfully energetic collaborator.   –Stacey Levine

One of Davis’s favorite words is “asymptotes.” Shrink infinitely toward the nothing. But that’s way too emo mascara-tears. Imagine an anatolian shepherd who’s snatched a pound of ground beef off the counter who, between bites, says, gleefully, bloodily, “Shrink infinitely toward the nothing.” Except Davis is vegan. –Carlos Hernandez

Davis’s new novel Drain is out now on Northwestern University Press.