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February 14, 2011, 12:20 am
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Mildred Pierce #4: Comedy and the Grotesque is officially alive!! HUGE thanks to all who have helped make this issue possible.

This issue features cover art by Edie Fake, inside cover art by Eamon Espey; its guts include….

  • A review of the cult horror film Slither by Daniel Moseley
  • A slicing-dicing deconstruction by Bonnie Kaserman
  • Two comic vignettes by Ellen Nielsen
  • A Real Asshole — essay by Marc Baez 
  • Bernhard – Kinski – Theodore: Only a Madman Would Imitate Madness — essay by John Berndt
  • FEH-MUH-NIST: A Consideration of Offense in Diane DiMassa’s Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist — essay by Vicky Lim
  • Reinventing the Grotesque: Wangechi Mutu’s Beautifully Mutating Women — essay by Joyce Kuechler
  • Charlottesville’s Lady Arm Wrestlers: A Bawdy, Rowdy, Satirical, Political, Feminist, Community-Based Performance Art Movement — feature by Leeyanne Moore
  • Barf Transitive: Bulimic Writing as Feminist Resistance — essay by Megan Milks
  • You Want to Make a Joke About That? A Brief History on the Development of My Lisp by Jim Joyce
  • a feature on artist Jimmy Joe Roche by John Bylander
  • a feature on puppeteer Sean Samoheyl by Leeyanne Moore
  • fiction by James Tadd Adcox, Jake Hostetter, and Leeyanne Moore
  • interviews with musician/writer Sabrina Chap and artists Edie Fake and Pippi Zornoza
  • comics, illustration and art by Noel Freibert, Carrie Fucile, Zach Hazard, Gerry Mak, Sarah Magida, Jason Miles, and Ed Choy Moorman
  • and more!

Those of you who pre-ordered, we’re in the process of getting your copies out. The rest of ya, for now, while we’re working on distribution, can purchase an issue through PayPal: send $9 ($8 + $1 shipping) to including your mailing address in the note.

See you at Quimby’s on Saturday, February 26th!

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[…] The full essay, which Berndt is planning on expanding into a book, is available in Mildred Pierce #4 — ordering info and a full TOC are available here. […]

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can’t wait to taste one of these bad boys!
i’ll swing by your house one of these days to grab a copy

Comment by Zach Hazard Vaupen

I will get you one this week, dude! Are you in Brooklyn on Thursday? I don’t have work…I already put copies for sale at Desert Island and Spoonbill, so tell BK peeps to go check it out!!

Comment by John

yeah man, i’ll be home around 6ish on thursday, so gimme a call!

Comment by Zach Hazard Vaupen

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